Casting the remake of the celebrated TV miniseries, “SHAKA ZULU”, the number one syndicated miniseries of all time.

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The miniseries, which will trace, in 5 seasons, the history of South Africa
from 1787 (the birth Shaka Zulu) to 1947 (the advent of Apartheid), is
tentatively slated to begin shooting in various locations (South Africa, New
Zealand, Italy, and perhaps even in the Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)
in 2017.

VITTORIO STORARO will be charged as Director of Photography and the casting
director will be KIM BIKILA for MALCOLM X CASTING. The global casting call
will be announced forthwith but already we’ve begun casting for some of the


ACTRESS: in a starring role, Maori or similar (mixed blood, dark skin,
light eyes, warrior type, beautiful, but with a bearing and sophistication
that set her apart in a variety of ways… Attractive to men and the envy of
women, she’s first and foremost a maiden warrior, the sort of woman who
forges an empire … Modern but also of a traditional stamp, she’s
old-school, somewhat vulnerable in love and determined in war, a Joan of Arc
of sorts. Age: 25-35, light blue or green eyes (or clear brown), like a puma
or a leopard… Feline in her movements, she must be fluent in English as
well as athletic (combat training or martial arts background a plus but not
a prerequisite…) Previous film experience would be quite helpful, though
gifted newcomers may be proposed as well… The preference is a Maori but we
will take into consideration Egyptians, Jamaicans, South or Central
Americans, South Africans or others provided they meet the physical outline
given of the character, and of course, the proficiency in English.

The author is still tweeking the story and once the locations are locked in
and the financing finalized, pre-production will begin with the hopes of
beginning the project in earnest by the beginning of 2017.

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