casting MODELS for 2 DAIRY PRODUCT commercials (all versions, edits & cutdowns)

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Casting: TOMORROW – SATURDAY 20th May 2017

Shoot: Palma, Mallorca, Spain Production dates: 22nd May 2017 – Travel (Palma, Mallorca) 23rd May  2017 – Shoot 24th May 2017 – Shoot 25th May 2017 – Shoot 26th May 2017 –  Travel (back to London) Will most likely be needed: 1 x shoot day. 2 x travel days

WOMEN:  (Female, 25 – 60) LOOK & ATTITUDE:
Have a memorable look.
Ideally Latin / Spanish/ Mediterranean looking.
Have something special about her and the way she carries herself.
Confident, fun, playful.

Our women should be good looking and attractive with interesting, warm and friendly faces. They should be relatable, natural and most importantly, likeable and charismatic with warm and engaging smiles. They should have a natural charm & beauty, they should be friendly, likeable, healthy and approachable. We will need to see stomachs Will have to eat the product No Allergies to Dairy

Normal, Healthy, Fit.
A mixtures of tummies. But they should be fit, toned and healthy some a little fuller but still healthy and toned.

***Must have a valid passport***

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