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Casting: Casting this Friday in London.

Shoot: United Kingdom. Shoot dates now tbc but possibly this friday / next week

Fee: £225 day feeBuyout £500 (corporate use including as a corporate film on client website & platforms) Except walkons see below.


ARTIST:  (Male, 20 – 27) 20 ish-year-old man . Very striking eyes! Must have an impact as soon as you see them. Neat and well put together. Due to other family roles cast this character MUST be Emirati / Persian /  Iranian.

ENTREPENEUR:  (Female, 26 – 30) A woman in her late 20’s. Very striking and intelligent  looking. Due to other family roles cast this character MUST be Emirati /  Persian / Iranian. Personality – intelligent, confident and independent. Striking out in business on her own, not a traditional subservient woman. She’s a magazine Editor/Owner – her success is based on looking around her for inspirations, and an ability to work with everyone to turn ideas into pieces and progress for her magazine. So she’s curious and interested in the world, outgoing, and a natural leader of small teams.

COUPLE: (Female, 45 – 68) We have already cast some of this family so we are looking for Indian woman in thier 50’s – 60’s. Slim, glamorous, and able to ride a bicycle

DEALMAKER: (Male, 29 – 37) American looking male. 30 something. Model good looks. Not a banker but has the alpha male attitude/confidence. MBA and former  banker. Quite broad and fit. Might have him jogging. Square jawed.

SAUDI FAMILY: Description: Saudi family: MOTHER, FATHER, TWO CHILDREN. The FATHER is a good dad and husband. Characterful face. He’s maybe 35-40. A natural assumption of authority.

The MOTHER is likewise 35-40. A loving mother and devoted wife. Must have expressive eyes.

The ELDER CHILD is about 12. A proto adult – self conscious and responsible. Ideally a DAUGHTER, in which case she must be pre-pubescent.

The YOUNGER CHILD Aged 8-9, with an expressive personality. The wit and confidence to project himself in an over the top way.

Open to real families or individuals we can make into a family.

COUPLE 2: Attractive Chinese couple 25-30

CHEF: (Male, 26 – 29)  The Chef is in his late 20’s, he’s full of energy and a little extrovert, a passionate chef, proud of what he does.

WALK-ON MUM & DAUGHTER:  (Female, 20 – 40)  Looking for mum and child – 2-5 years old. able to walk independently. Mum 20-40. Pretty.

WALKON RECEPTIONISTS: Men & Women Late 20’s. Organised, neat, attractive.

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