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AUDITIONS : Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th September in London

Dates: Rehearsals from : Monday 6th November in Wakefield.

Opens : Thursday 23rd November

Closes : Sunday 7th January schedule below at foot of brief.

PR day/costume fitting : Friday 3rd November

Fees : For all roles £420 per week pro rata rehearsal and £560 per week pro rata performances +  subsistence of £140 per week + holiday pay + travel to and down to/from Wakefield at the beginning and
end of the engagement.  Schedule/payment provides for up to 13 performances in any 7-day period and there are no additional payments. Costume fitting/PR day £75 + train fare + lunch

83 performances over 6 and a half weeks – schedule below at foot of brief.

Theatre Royal Wakefield is thrilled to present another of their lovingly
crafted in-house traditional pantomimes: ALADDIN. The Twankey family have
moved from Wakefield to Old Peking to help the Chinese with their rhubarb
production (obviously). Sadly, Aladdin’s Uncle Tommy, re-invented as
Abanazar the Magician has followed them and seeks to involve Aladdin in a
dastardly plot to enslave a wise cracking genie and become the richest man
in the world.

We are looking for a cast who excel at heightened comedy with a
tongue-in-cheek nod to the audience, who can also bring out the pathos and
tenderness in this character driven, fully rounded narrative. We are looking
to fill each role with imaginative, brave and committed performers who can
act, sing and dance and sustain a high-energy characterisation across a
massive 83 performances over six and a half weeks. Whilst not all characters
carry their own musical number, the finale routine is not for the faint

We are keen to meet performers who reflect the diversity of our local
community, and actively encourage applications from performers of all races
and heritages.

MOVEMENT NOTE: All performers need to be able to move or dance to a high
standard in jazz and traditional musical theatre styles.

Suggestions with the above guidelines in mind please for:

ALADDIN: Our single minded, plucky hero (Male) Playing age: 20-30s. Accent – Northern

A quick witted, confident and resourceful young lad, Aladdin is hopelessly
besotted with the beautiful Princess Jasmine, yet is far too lowly of birth
to court her. This enrages our young hero. He is street wise and sure of
himself and believes that the content of someone’s character is far more
important than the size of their bank balance. Aladdin carries the weight of
the narrative and we need to see him move from petulant youth, to star
struck lover to leader of the resistance. This is a part that requires
natural warmth and bags of charisma.

Vocal requirements: A real vocal stamina is required as Aladdin carries
several numbers. Versatile Tenor or high baritone – strong MT singer with a
poppy edge. Featured songs include a ballad version of Bruno Mars “Just the
way you are”, “One day I’ll fly away” and “I’m a believer”.

HANKY PANKY doubling with DJINN THE GENIE (Male) Playing age: 30’s-40’s Accent: Hanky Panky – Neutral

Djinn the Genie – Anything is possible!

We are looking for a brave, hilarious and versatile actor to pull off this
doubling of characters with show stopping charisma and plenty of comic

Hanky Panky is Peking’s Chief of Police and The Empress’ enforcer. He
delights in his authority and projects an air of aloof pomposity, yet now
and again his inner buffoon can’t help but break through. The times we are
most aware of the real Hanky are when he becomes a grovelling wreck in front
of the Empress or a lovesick, doe-eyed puppy in front of our female Wishee

Djinn the Genie has been locked inside a lamp for a thousand years and can’t
wait to get out, when he eventually does it is mayhem. He is a fast talking,
wise cracking, mercurial ball of energy who closes Act 1 with a high voltage
performance of Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic. Alongside the madcap zaniness we need
an actor who can also bring out Djinn’s sadness at never being in control of
his own destiny.

Vocal requirements: Djinn leads “24k Magic”- energetic pop tenor with
falcetto and rapping abilities. As Hanky he sings in the trio “12 days of

ABANAZAR: A wicked Wakefield wizard (Male) Playing age: Late 30s + Accent: Strong northern

Aladdin’s uncle – an oily, evil and greedy sorcerer. The kind of self-made,
self-important and self-satisfied Yorkshire businessman you might get stuck
next to if you could afford first class. Abanazar craves all the riches the
world can offer and will destroy anyone or anything to achieve his goal. We
need an actor with a flair for audience interaction who can whip the crowd
into a booing frenzy. Needs to move from genuinely menacing, to silky
smooth, to hilariously camp. Has to pull off a medley of Bond songs with

Vocal requirements: Character vocal, range flexible–leads a James bond
medley/pastiche and sings an excerpt of “Despacito”

JASMINE: A gutsy royal princess (Female) Playing age: 20s-30s Accent: Neutral

Not your ordinary panto princess, Jasmine is a feisty, determined and
confident young lady. She finds it outrageous that she is destined to marry
a strange prince from a far off land. Her heart belongs to Aladdin and she
will do all she can to control her own future. She is sparky and witty and
we sense more than a match for Aladdin. Beneath her fire and frustration we
also need to see the tenderness and passion of a young woman in love.
Vocal requirements: Versatile mezzo soprano or high alto. Songs include Katy
Perry’s “Roar”, a ballad version of Bruno Mars “Just the way you are” and an
operatic moment in “Tonight” from West Side Story.

WISHEE WASHEE: Lovesick laundress (Female) Playing age: 20s-30s Accent: Soft Northern

Wishee is Widow Twankey’s assistant at the laundrette where she spends her
days hopelessly pining for young Aladdin. Sadly, Aladdin only sees Wishee as
his best pal, as this is the best she can hope for she is determined to
always have his back… until she eventually forms a romantic (and highly
comical) double act with Djinn the Genie. We’re going for something
different this year with a female actor in the Silly Billy role – this is a
real showcase for a charismatic comedienne. Needs to have bags of energy and
a feel for warm audience interaction. Wishee gets the party started and
keeps it going all night long.
Vocal requirements: Character alto or mezzo soprano.

EMPRESS CHINN: Malevolent monarch (Female) Playing age: 40s+ Accent: Neutral

The over bearing and incredibly rude ruler of China. She has utter contempt
for her subjects and thinks nothing of throwing someone to rot in jail for
even the most minor transgressions. She rules with an iron will that is
constantly challenged by her headstrong daughter. Thankfully Jasmine
eventually manages to soften her mother and teach her the error of her ways.
The Empress isn’t an out and out villain but rather a misguided character we
love to hate. Needs an actress with natural gravitas and a strong comedic

Vocal requirements: Character alto or Mezzo soprano.

Already cast:

Widow Twankey – Aladdin’s mother.

Submissions with cv and photo by Spotlight link or by email to:

[email protected]


Friday 3 November – costume fitting and PR day. Wakefield. Return travel and
day fee paid.

Rehearsals commence Monday 6 November, Wakefield

Rehearse w/c 6 Nov, 13 Nov and 20 – 22 Nov.

Performance Schedule

Thursday 23 November 2017 – Sunday 7 January 2018

Thurs 23 Nov 6.00 * preview

Fri 24 Nov 1.30 7.00

Sat 25 Nov 2.30 7.00 (5)



Mon 27 Nov 10.00 1.30

Tues 28 Nov 10.00 1.30

Wed 29 Nov 10.00 1.30

Thu 30 Nov 10.00** 6.00

Fri 1 Dec 1.30 7.00

Sat 2 Dec 11.00 2.30 7.00 (13)



Mon 4 Dec 10.00 1.30

Tues 5 Dec 10.00 1.30 –

Wed 6 Dec 10.00 1.30 –

Thu 7 Dec 1.30 6.00 (both BSL)

Fri 8 Dec 1.30 7.00

Sat 9 Dec 11.00 2.30 7.00 (13)




Tues 12 Dec 1.30 6.00

Wed 13 Dec 1.30 6.00

Thu 14 Dec 1.30 6.00

Fri 15 Dec 1.30 7.00

Sat 16 Dec 11.00 2.30 7.00

Sun 17 Dec 2.00 6.00 (13)



Tues 19 Dec 1.30 6.00

Wed 20 Dec 10.00 1.30 6.00

Thu 21 Dec 1.30 6.00

Fri 22 Dec 7.00

Sat 23 Dec 11.00 2.30 7.00

Sun 24 Dec 11.00 2.30 (13)



Tues 26 Dec 2.30 7.00

Wed 27 Dec 11.00 2.30 7.00

Thu 28 Dec 2.30 7.00

Fri 29 Dec 2.30 7.00

Sat 30 Dec 2.30 7.00

Sun 31 Dec 11.00 2.30 (13)



Tues 2 Jan 2.30 7.00

Wed 3 Jan 2.30 7.00

Thu 4 Jan 2.30 7.00

Fri 5 Jan 2.30 7.00

Sat 6 Jan 11.00 2.30 7.00

Sun 7 Jan 11.00 2.30 (13)

(**) Relaxed Performance

83 performances

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