casting featured extras for a commercial for a SUPERMARKET

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A modern, vibrant, fun filled, British extended family in all it’s slightly
dysfunctional glory.

The characters need to feel real, believable, with genuine warmth coming

Family will be interacting over a meal

Casting: Friday 4th August 2017

Shoot: Chilterns / Oxfordshire / Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Friday 18th August 2017 Saturday 19th August 2017


WOMAN (featured extra): 60 – 70.  She has lived long enough to have seen it all, and has not been
very impressed by much of it.
Interesting face. Lots of character. A force of nature.
You wouldn’t mess with her but she still has that twinkle in her eye,
slightly mischievous looking, warm, real, authentic

Fee: £650 per day
(Inclusive of daily rate, agency commission and buyout )
No buyout fee
10 hour day (on set)
Overtime @ 20%


1 year UK TV & 1 year online.
2nd / 3rd Renewal + 10%

WOMAN: 45-55. Lots of character, loves her family, and friends. Warm and
friendly and approachable woman- she keeps herself busy.
Interesting face

Fee: As above

MAN: 35-45. Mixed race. Lots of character. Everyone loves him. Interesting
face. He should be a warm, charismatic, fun dad and loving husband with a
great sense of humour. Interesting face

Fee: As above

WOMAN: 35-40. Full of fun & boundless generosity, she’s the fulcrum on which
the whole mad family pivots.
Interesting face. Lots of character, warm friendly and believable.

Fee: As above

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