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Fee: £350 BSF  1 shoot day  Buyout 800% i.e. £2800 Please note: No overtime has been allowed for. The working day is 9 hrs + 1. OT @20%of BSF  Please note: No airport transfers or other misc expenses have been allowed for.
Buyout: Media: TV, Online, incl. Social Media, Print, OOH, POS, Internal Switzerland 1 Year from 1st air date

NB: All ages are playing ages

suggestions please for:

OLDER LADY (Female, 60 – 70) We need an engaging performer who can be bored and annoyed while still being likeable. Her own character needs to come through. She also needs to capture the genuine joy when her day changes. we need to see the transition from slightly irritated (I wasn’t expecting a parcel..!)

2 FRIENDS – GIRLS (Female, 18 – 22)  We need to find two young women full of personality, who are able to laugh and enjoy themselves sincerely on camera without getting self conscious. They will need to improvise and be
able to laugh very naturally – not look as though pretending to laugh.

HOTEL COUPLE ( 38 – 45 years) We are looking for a two people who are instantly engaging and easy to watch.They are husband and wife in the script. Physically they should look like people who spend more time with
Netflix than on mountain hikes. They must NOT look like they go to the gym every day – they would prefer to watch a box set (this does not mean they must be overweight though – just not gym bods).

TEDDY PARENTS (30 – 45 yrs) We are looking for a couple that can easily communicate with a small concerned look that they wish they could make their daughter enjoy the holiday more, and then relish the moment of
her getting the teddy without making it cheesy.

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