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Fee: £350 BSF + £500 Buyout 3 months usage across Sky
Channels and online


The children are our protagonists in the film (think of the kids in Stranger
Things, The Goonies, Super 8 etc). They’re best friends. They love football.
They love adventure.
They are going to be taken on a magical christmas adventure where they see
things they never dreamed of and meet their hero.
Dialogue is likely to be brief in the script but facial expressions will be
key, they will be called on to display looks of surprise, wonder, disbelief.
All the children should be able to kick a football.
All children should look like children rather than young adults (no facial
hair etc.)

The following can be any ethnicity, however we are looking for a large
proportion of the following roles.

BOY 1: Caucasian, handsome, average height and weight

Playing age12 – 13

BOY 2: Black Caribbean / African or Asian, small, geeky/unique

Playing age12 – 13

BOY 3: Caucasian, tall, geeky/unique

Playing age12 – 13

GIRL: Tom Boy, athletic

Playing age12 – 13

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