casting a HEALTHCARE shoot for Elekta who produce equipment for the treatment of cancer

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We are looking to shoot for one day
and I need to cast 3 x characters and one unrecognisable extra: 1x
clinician, 1x oncologist 1x patient and 1 x unrecognisable patient who must
be similar in build /appearance to the recognisable patient.

We will be shooting for the day at the University of Bristol Hospital and as
such am looking for local models as we do not have the budget to put people
up in hotels.  The purpose of the shoot is to show off the machine that is
used to give patients radiation therapy. We will be mimicking what would
happen during the preparation of the patient prior to the treatment. Part of
this process is that a mould of the face is taken which prevents the head
moving during treatment. This takes around 1 minute to take the mould then
about 5 – 10 minutes for it to set.  The mask has lots of tiny holes in it
so you can see through it but only the nose exposed. PLEASE NOTE no
treatment will be given we are simply replicating the scene. Whoever is cast
as the patients must be totally comfortable with what we will be doing on
the day.

Casting:  from cards so anyone we particularly like will need to send us recent photos of themselves.

Shoot: Shoot date – Wednesday 2nd August Location:  University of Bristol Hospital
Call times will be 9.00 am – 6pm.

Fee: Usage: Healthcare / Wordwide / In Perpetuity Fees: Recognisable models – Full Day fee @ £450  /  half day fee @ £300. Usage fee models £1800. Unrecognisable model £450 day fee. All fees
include agency

Casting Brief: Healthcare shoot capturing clinical setting shots A selection of ‘normal’ looking people who can cast as either cancer  patients, Clinicians or Oncologist- not too ‘quirky’ or unusual

Suggestions please for:

3 RECOGNISABLE plus 1 x UNRECOGNISABLE MODELS:  who must be similar in build to the person cast as the patient Clinician & Oncologist 30 – 50y / patient 45- 65y Mix of male and female  Mix of ethnicities  / mixed raced required.


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