casting a commercial for NISSAN QASHQAI

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Casting: Wednesday 27th September 2017 Recall: TBC.

Shoot: Travel & shoot dates:  Anytime from 12th to 16th of October 2017 Shooting in Madrid, Spain so all suggestions must have valid passports. BSF – £350.00 (10 hour day) Recall fee – £50 Wardrobe call – £50 Travel days – 50% bsf Rest days – 50% bsf Overtime-£70/hour (after 10 hours) ALL FEES INCLUDE AGENCY COMMISSION Buyouts: Please refer to casting forms linked beneath each role.

Cast – Our actors are people with character. They are not bland or generic but exude real three-dimensional personality &  intellect.

Suggestions please for:

THE HERO The focal point of this story is our hero, a man who could have a playing  age of late 20’s or early 30’s. He has a clever, piercing look. We need  facially expressive actors. He has a strong, serious and striking face.  Although he will not utter a single word throughout, we should be able to sense how intelligent, charismatic and confident he is simply through his  facial expressions and how he carries himself! Aggreement –

THE CHESS PLAYER Believable as a chess player, looks intelligent. He could have a playing age  of 35-40. They want someone who’s handsome, cool & charismatic. He does NOT  actually have to be able to play chess. Aggreement –


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