asting a commercial for the MELBOURNE CUP CARNIVAL Director: Peter Moore

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ummary If you’ve never been to the Melbourne Cup Carnival, you might think it’s not  for you. You might dismiss it because you think it’s just for people with  fancy hats, or people who like horses. In reality, this couldn’t be further  from the truth. The Melbourne Cup Carnival welcomes everyone – young people,  old people, conservative people, weird people, wonderful people, straight-up  people and cool people – no matter who you are, the Carnival has something for you. This year, we’re going to reposition the Carnival in people’s minds by  inviting the entire world. Instead of just the people who go every year  (although they’ll be there, of course) at this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival  there’ll be an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life.

Casting Wednesday August 2nd 2-6pm

Shoot : London 18TH AUGUST in London. Artists need to be London based or make their own way to London. Production will not cover travel expenses outside of London.

Fee: BSF £350 BUYOUT £1500 AUSTRAILIA 3 MONTHS ALL MEDIA to include all variations and cut  downs

Suggestions please for:

GUYS (Male, 30 – 40) Looking for a couple of 30 something guys. They need to look aspirational and a bit cool and trendy. We are looking for 2 different guys. Maybe one can be trendy and beardy and the other a bit smartly dressed. We will look for two English looking guys that represent modern Britain so  all ethnicities please. They must have an English accent only so in  Australia they can identify that these characters are coming from London.
These guys need to look like they maybe work in some creative field. They need to come to the casting in something that represents this as they might be asked to use their own wardrobe. Please note: The talents real first name/ nickname may potentially be used on screen so they should be made aware of this. Talent may be required to complete a CAD form/testimonial. In Australia this means Commercial Advise Department it’s an approval board before an ad goes to air and they might see this as a testimonial TVC hence needing chosen cast to sign. They will not be required to sign anything at the  casting.


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