2016 Lookbook for Women’s Clothing Brand

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Casting: Friday 26th February. Central London

Fees: BSF £300 (10 hour day) + £1000 (+ 20%) buyout. £50 recall/fitting fee.

Usage: 6 weeks UK TV (approx. 50 TVRs), VOD and online (incl. social media)
usage. Online will stay live for 1 year, but not promoted after the first 6
weeks. One girl will be selected for print campaign – fees to be negotiated
at later date.


6 X FEMALE MODELS: All early to mid 20s. Minimum 5ft 8ins tall. A slim,
leggy build. All ethnicities. Great hands and teeth a must. Longer hair
preferred. Graceful (especially in heels). Dance experience a plus.

1 X MALE MODEL: Early to mid 20s. Most likely Caucasian. Ruggedly handsome
and well built. Good actor, who can be fun and flirty. Minimum 5ft 11ins

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