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Looking for gentle comedic performance for our walk-on roles for this dark
period drama piece.

Shoot: 13th April

Fee: £250 walk on rate
if role becomes a secondary featured a £500 buy out will be paid


PUNCH & JUDY PUPPETEER: Male, 21 – 28. Looking for a puppeteer to wow the
crowd with their Punch & Judy show. Looking for a young guy with lots of
energy and enthusiasm to
entertain our kids!

PUNCH & JUDY NARRATOR: Female, 21 – 26. Looking for a bright eyed woman in
her early 20’s to narrate our Punch & Judy show. Looking for party clown
levels of enthusiasm here

MOTHER 30 – 36. A watchful mother keeping an eye on the kids who are fixed
the Punch & Judy show.

STRING QUARTET: Male, 25 – 29. Looking for a few guys here who look very
proper and exacting
to be part of our string quartet

BOYFRIEND: 25 – 30. Looking for someone to play the boyfriend of a cake
girlfriend. Our boyfriend can’t believe what he’s seeing when his girlfriend
starts stuffing her face with cake

TEA DRINKER: Female, 65 – 80.Looking for an older lady here sipping her tea,
observing all
that is going on around her

FOOTMAN: Male, 25 – 35. Our footman is waiting on his elderly master, ready
at her
every beck and call

ROY – Body double. Male, 25 – 35. We are looking for a body double for our
main character ‘Roy’.
Please see images for reference. Looking for someone 6’3″ and about 80kg.
Must look similar to image provided
Chest 39
Waist 32
Hips 41
Inside Leg 35
Shoe 10
Collar 15.5
Head 23.5

Our body double will need to be able to lead the set at points. Not just a
body double, but someone who can act as well.

Fee: BSF £350
Wardrobe £50

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